NL-FS957LQ-46 Enam Roda Quick Release Kerusi Roda Ringan DFA
NL-FS957LQ-46 Enam Roda Quick Release Kerusi Roda Ringan DFA Kerusi Roda Ringan Kerusi Roda Kuala Lumpur, KL, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia. Supplier, Suppliers, Supplies, Supply | Neolee Rehab Supply Sdn Bhd
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NL957LQ-46 Aluminum Quick Release 6 Wheeled DFA Wheelchair

The NL957LQ is a lightweight multi-purpose wheelchair that has 6 wheels, detachable armrest & footplates. The rear wheels are 24 inch Quick Release wheels that can be easily detached to convert the wheelchair into a pushchair. By removing the big wheels, the wheelchair's width becomes slightly narrower and is abled to push thru narrow spaces and doors. Due to its lightweight aluminum rust resistant frame and multipurpose functions, the NL957LQ can be used for normal outings or taken out for vacations.

Material Silver Coated Steel 
  1. Lightweight Wheelchair
  2. Aluminum Rust Resistant Frame
  3. 6 Wheels for Multi-purposes
  4. Convertable from a Wheelchair to a Pushchair
  5. Detachable 24 inch Quick Release Rear Wheels
  6. Detachable Armrest & Footplates
  7. Height adjustable Armrests
  8. 3 Inch Mini Rear Wheels 
Wheelchair Width 64 cm (25'') / 59 cm (23'')
Wheelchair Height 92 cm (36'')
Seat Width 46 cm (18'')
Seat Depth 44 cm (17.5'')
Rear Wheel 61 cm (24'') / 7.5 cm (3'')
Front Castors 20 cm (8'')
Capacity 100 kg
Item Weight 17.5 kg / 14 kg



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